SWSA First meeting

Date: September 27, 2013

Time: 12-1:00

1.      Discussion & Description  of SWSA
2.      Recapture the activities of SWSA last year
3.      Mental Health awareness week
4.      Discussion of next meeting –October 8 , at 3:00
5.      Social Workers for social justice- Joan will be the contact to connect these two groups together. A great opportunity for social justice and networking
6.      Tara - is interested in looking into recreation activities (High ropes, cross country skiing, etc) - Great idea!
7.      Joan said she could put on a social justice workshop
8.      Q& A about SWSA
9.      Elect 2 new chair members 3rd years
10.  What are individual’s different interests areas?
11.  Carolyn is the connection between the Mental Awareness committee and SWSA
12.  Run against stigma is occurring at the University
13.  Change for Change- is occurring sometime next month we need to ask Jackie about this date
14.  Allie-professional development workshop from Alberta Works
15.  Recruiting for more individuals to join SWSA
16.  Next meeting will be October 8, 2-3 meet at the SWSA office
17.  Fall big event?
18.  Winter big event?
19.  Membership $1
20.  Office redecoration
21.  Sweatshirts- when will these be ordered?
22.  Bulletin board
23.  Anyone interested in community helper program  e-mail
24.  Anyone interested in helping with organizing sex week

If anyone has any creative, ideas or passions please bring them forward!

Let’s make this a great year

Members in attendance – Allie, Mike, Erin, Jennifer, Lauren, Naomi, Hanna, Ethel, Katherine, Megan, Joan, Erika, Nadia, Carolyn, Alisha


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