SWSA has been working hard to get things running this semester, and we are excited to try out this new online format of the newsletter.  Please let us know what you think - send your feedback to media.swsa@gmail.com. 
We would also love your input on our future editions - we would like to publish your writing, recipes, events, and anything else important to you, so send it all to us to see it published here!

Let us introduce you to our hard-working SWSA committees:

Social Committee
Hello fellow students! We are the Social Committee! Our members include: Lauren Miholic, Christina Burrows, Jennifer Broughton, Kristen Immel, Brooklyn Rogers, and Mike Davies.  It is our role, as part of the Social Work Student Association, to plan events throughout the school year. Our events will range from holiday to social justice themes. Stay tuned into the SWSA newsletter to find out about upcoming events.

The External Committee
The External Committee oversees SWSA relations with bodies that are not located on campus. The members of this committee are Kasey Lebans, Jamie Zarn, Allie Caputo, Kim Carlin and Laura Coatsworth!  Our major work comes through building relationships between SWSA and the community, as well as offering professional development opportunities for students.  We are currently working on teaming with community agencies to be an additional support over the holiday season, and to build our networking circles. Any suggestions are welcomed!

The Finance Committee
Made up of Julie Vigneux, Megan Asselin, and Mike Davies, the Finance Committee is responsible for one of the most important parts of SWSA: the money. As future social workers, the previous statement must be untrue and based on the finance committee's humor because we know that money isn't what keeps us in this profession.  The truth is that the financial committee manages the financial assets, applies for necessary funding and participates in fundraising events to help sustain SWSA. Most importantly, this committee cares about being involved in SWSA because we of the relationships we build amongst the students, faculty and our community.

Engagement Committee
The SWSA Engagement Committee members are Kate Heney (MSW Program), Sharron Sherridan (BSW), Alisha Mohammed (BSW), and Mike Davies (BSW).  The primary role of the Engagement Committee is to create student involvement, participation and awareness in SWSA events, faculty events, and events or causes in the community and social justice initiatives. We do this by mass emailing and/or visiting classrooms and speaking directly to students.  We would also like to connect with students individually and as classes (for example, Master's students and Bachelor's students) to create a sense of community within the faculty.

The Overseers Committee
The Overseers Committee is made up of Erin Bronskill, Zakhiyya Murji, Allie Caputo and Mike Davies.  This purpose of this committee is to oversee the general operations of SWSA and to liaise between all committees. Essentially, this is the leadership committee.

Media Committee
And last but not least - the Media Committee, made up of Robyn Romano, Christina Burrows, and Erin Bronskill, takes care of sharing all of the important information from all of these committees with you!  Check us out on Facebook, Twitter and on this website for all of the latest news (link to both at the top of the website)!

What’s Up in Social Work?

On October 16, 2012, social work students and faculty members participated in the United Way Change Challenge. 
Together they raised almost $1000 in one hour for the United Way! 

Fundraising for the United Way will continue on November 23 with the Mini Golf Tournament and Barbeque being held at the Professional Faculties building.
Dean Jackie Sieppert will be manning the barbeque from 2:00 pm until 3:00 pm that day, so come get some lunch and try out a round of golf! 

Career and Employment Tip
By Angela Judge, Career and Specialist, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary

Social media can be an effective job search and networking tool.  Job seekers may find information about professionals who have their dream job, company information to help prepare for an interview and job advertisements.  Employers are also utilizing social media to search for candidates and to brand their organization. Social media provides an online opportunity to grow and expand your network. 
Click here for some social media tips:



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