What is the Alberta Health Services Community Education Service?

The Community Education Service (CES) provides parents/caregivers and other community members with opportunities to access free, evidence-informed education sessions and resource materials to address child, youth, and family health and mental health needs.
The Community Education Service (CES) falls under Alberta Health Services' Child and Adolescent Addiction and Mental Health Programs (CAAMHP). We are housed in the Family and Community Resource Centre (FCRC) on the second floor of the Alberta Children's Hospital.

CES education sessions are hosted at the Alberta Children's Hospital and at various venues in Calgary and nearby communities. Many sessions are also available via telehealth/video-conference technology for those interested participants located within and outside of Calgary, and where telehealth/video-conference facilities are available.

In design and delivery of its education sessions, CES embraces the Family-Centred Care approach to building family and professional capacity by promoting families as active, fully-informed partners in the care of their children. CES also promotes the role of community partners as a vital support to children and families receiving care.

CES presenters and resource materials are drawn from:

  • CAAMHP Programs
  • Other Alberta Health Services' programs within the Calgary Zone
  • Calgary and area community agencies

Check out their extensive listing of upcoming sessions in their April newsletter:

Or on their website:

Student Advocates for Mental Health (SAMH)

This is a student club at the University of Calgary that aims to decrease stigma and discrimination about mental illnesses through education, advocacy and empowerment.

There will be events happening throughout the semester that students can become involved with.
For more information look at the Student Advocates for Mental Health website:

A special thank-you from a member of SWSA to the community:

I just wanted to say thank you very much for all your support with SWSA and promoting all the Social Work week events!  A big thank you to Liza Lorenzetti who helped me organize two child sexual abuse prevention workshops and had 58 people attend (the max per session was 30). There was a great turn out of social work and nursing students,
MRU students as well as community members/social workers from Calgary, Airdrie and Cochrane.
Also a big thank you to the social work students who volunteered/attended the ACSW conference!

Sharon Sheridan
SWSA Engagement Committee

Career and Employment Tip

by Angela Judge,
Career Specialist, Education and Social Work, Career Services

Many of you will be in the process of interviewing very soon.  When you are invited to an interview, remember the employer has three main questions: Can you do the job?  Do you want the job? How do you fit with the team? 
There are three tips to be successful in any interview:
1. Identify the relevant skills, knowledge and experience you have related to the job.  2. Understand the role and the organization you are applying for.  3. Finally, anticipate and practice the kind of questions they will ask based on the job description. If you need assistance in preparing for an interview, connect with Angela from some tips or to practice.  You can also practice interview questions via our Optimal tool from the comfort of your own home via this link:  https://ucalgary.optimalresume.ca/

Meet your SWSA Representative of the Month...

Allie Caputo

1. What route did you take to becoming a University of Calgary Social Work Student?   Where are you now in your studies?

I  am on the post diploma route, from Mount Royal University faculty of Social Work. I am really interested in clinical Social work, and my hope  is  to work in an Eating Disorder clinic.

2. Why did you decide to join the Social Work Students' Association?

Coming from a small tight knit faculty of Social Work from MRU, I really felt a sense of community there and I enjoyed walking into class and knowing who was actually sitting beside me, I also had great relationships with my professors. Starting at the University in Calgary in the fall, it was important to me that I got to know my fellow classmates and professors so I thought SWSA would be a great opportunity to allow me to do both.

3. What role do you play on SWSA?

I work closely with the finance committee and the external committee, but everyone works hard so I just try to pitch in wherever I can. Whether it be within those two portfolios or not.

4. What has been your favourite part of belonging to SWSA so far?

I have really enjoyed getting to know my classmates better, and learning from them as well! I often take for granted all the knowledge that my fellow classmates have.

5. What events are you looking forward to most in the upcoming year?

I am most looking forward to SWSA getting our swanky t-shirts ordered so we can wear them to the various events we attend in the community so the community recognizes our cohesiveness and support. I am also looking forward to spending time this summer in finding out various events that support can take part in. I also would like SWSA to offer more development that is professional opportunities over the course of next year so I am going to look into some options. 


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